How to Establish a “Bottom-Up” Innovation Culture Webinar

Learn how to shift your company’s mindset and unlock enterprise-wide creativity.

Continuous innovation is critical for any business that wants to stay competitive, but market-disrupting ideas can’t be fabricated, and waiting for inspiration to strike isn’t productive.

Instead, continuous innovation relies on a change in culture. For continuous innovation to take root in your company, everyone has to embrace it as a part of their job.

So, how do you establish a “bottom-up” innovation culture in your organization? In this webinar, Claudia Runte, Lead of Idea Pipeline Customer Success, will walk you through how to plant the seeds for sustainable innovation and unlock enterprise-wide creativity.

After watching the webinar, you’ll understand:

  • The importance of having a formal idea management process
  • The differences between top-down vs. bottom-up innovation
  • How to adjust your leadership style 
  • Traits of a bottom-up innovation leader
  • Bottom-up innovation tools
  • How to measure successful idea management and quantify employee engagement.

Are you ready for a culture shift?

Watch the webinar to get started with bottom-up innovation.


Watch the Webinar

Claudia Runte headshot

About Our Presenter

Claudia has over 11 years of managerial experience. In 2015, Claudia joined the City of Miami Beach and was the City’s Program Supervisor, using quantitative data analysis to interpret the efficiency of the City’s Programs. Claudia assisted in aligning Citywide strategic plans and departmental work plans, using the plans to drive strategic initiatives that improve performance. Claudia joined the Brenock leadership team in the spring of 2020 where she oversees customer success for Idea Pipeline and guides customers through the sales process into the support phase. Claudia is passionate about helping customers grow and achieve goals while simultaneously strengthening their relationship with Idea Pipeline.

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